Guest Information


Thursday, April 16, 2020 7 pm Prayer Begins

Saturday, April 18, 2020 12 noon Closing Prayer Time 

Prayer, Praise, Word, Worship, and times of Meditation 

There will be teaching and ministering on understanding the levels of spiritual warfare and reclaiming our spiritual authority. 

Prayer Points:

  • Praying that the Saints in church will become the voice for God
  • Praying against the temptations of Satan that are still deceiving people
  • Praying that those wounded in our church will be healed emotionally and spiritually
  • Praying that the Saints will make knowing the Word of God a priority
  • Praying against the works of the enemy in our mind, our family, our church and our community
  • Praying against the spirits that seek to undermine churches and ministries in our area
  • Praying that laborers will go to the harvest
  • Praying against the selfish “me, myself, and “I” religion
  • Praying for discernment to know when we are under attack
  • Praying for pastors who are under severe attack
  • Praying that people will receive Jesus’ invitation to come to Him.
  • Praying that the Saints will reject worldly viewpoints and start to take on the mind of Christ
  • Praying that the occult level witchcraft, Masonic temples, and New Age dens will fall before a holy God
  • Praying against businesses in our communities that thrive through demonic strongholds
  • Praying that the Saints of God will destroy the bondage of the enemy through love
  • Praying for unity in the body of Christ
  • Praying for a spirit of consecration and fasting in the body of Christ
  • Praying against the problems in our neighborhoods (i.e. drugs, domestic violence, crime, schools), and praying that the Light of God will shine bright
  • Praying for the nations of the world
  • Praying for families to reflect God’s design
  • Praying for fathers and mothers to protect their children spiritually
  • Praying for true revival 
  • Praying against the demonic assignments that come to hinder at the altar
  • Praying that God will help us see our redemptive purpose
  • Praying that God will give us innovative ways to “build and plant” in our families, neighborhoods, states, and nations
  • Praying that the people of God will awake out of sleep
  • Praying for children everywhere, so that they can stand up for the way of God when faced with opposition
  • Praying for healing of the mind, body and souls of people everywhere
  • Praying that every Saint is encouraged to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ regardless of the cost


January 31 March 27, 2020 - $35

  • After March 27, 2020 - $45
  • Individual Registration Cost

Registration fee includes light breakfast, light dinner meals, prayer books, pens, pads, etc

Suggested Amounts


Saints Academy Campus Housing $20 per night/per person

Space is limited (first come, first come basis)



    Below are hotels in the area. Please be advised you must secure your own accommodations at the hotels. 


    Oak Tree (formerly Super 8)

    Address: 31201 MS-12, Durant, MS 39063 

    Phone: (662) 653-3881 

    12 miles (15-20 minutes away) 



    Hampton Inn Canton 

    Address: 133 Soldiers Colony Road, Canton, MS 39046 

    Phone:  (601) 859-8700

    37 miles (35-40 minutes away)



    For additional information contact: 

    [email protected]


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